I’m Christine a New York City interior designer living and creating beautiful and eye-catching spaces in London. I specialize in transforming your design ideas into reality.


I love discovering what makes each client unique and then interpreting that special awesomeness through design that let’s your personality shine.Your space can CHANGE your life.


I was traumatized by my ugly bedroom. No, Seriously.


It had walnut paneling on all four walls, drab yellow drapery and some really bad furniture. I don’t think you can imagine how bad it was!


So I became an advocate for good design, because I don’t want anyone to suffer like I did. I WANT people to love their space in a way I never could, and I understand how important it is to live in a space that can transform you.


Interior Design is my passion and helping clients translate their personal style into livable spaces makes me oh-so HAPPY!


I believe that great design can NOURISH one’s soul, and bring PRODUCTIVITY to one’s life.


I think that design is important, because it’s not just about creating beautiful spaces, but about creating HARMONY, TRANSFORMING one’s lifestyle, being HAPPY and more PRODUCTIVE.


My website is a portfolio of my work, but you can also check out my work in a number of lifestyle and design magazine, including a feature in Elle Décor.


I want to translate your personal aesthetic into gorgeous home decor.


Happiness comes from inside – so let’s start with your home!!



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Contact + Connect:


Send me an email: christine@christinetse.com to discuss your design dilemma, or to talk about food, travels, Aruba, to talk about my expat life in London, to invite me out for a cup of tea, or to hire me to revolutionize your space.


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