Good lighting can make or break the ambience of your living room, it pays to get it right.

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Second only to the kitchen, you and your family will spend a great deal of time in the living room.  For this reason, it is important that you have proper lighting for each and every activity that takes place in the space.


From reading to movie watching, the perfect lighting can make all the difference.


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Below are 15 lighting tip for living rooms that can help ensure that you have the right lighting for your space.



Paint color affects lighting.

Realize that the darker the paint color in your living room, the more lighting source you will need. Light, natural will require less lighting. However, dark, rich colors are very popular and can look fabulous with the correct lighting.



You will need more than one light.

If you have only one light in your living room, you aren’t correctly lighting your space. While it may seem bright enough in there, adding in other lighting sources can help with activities that go on in your living room.



Natural light is important during the day.

Window can provide great lighting during the daytime. Large windows in the living room often eliminate the need for multiple lighting sources during the day.



The material you choose for curtains will affect lighting.

Similarly, the materials that you choose to cover up your windows will affect the quality of the natural light that in your living room. For natural light during the day, choose light colored curtains and blinds that will allow the natural light to flow in freely.


Table lamps are important for task lighting.

For activities such as reading, table lamps can be very beneficial. Place table lamps near sofas and chairs that are used for reading.



Wall sconces are perfect for ambiance lighting.

If you like to create a romantic mood every now and then, be sure that you have wall sconces for lighting.


Add floor lamps to areas that need light but do not have table surface.


If there are dark spaces in your living room that you are having trouble getting light to, choose a nice floor lamp to help illuminate the space.



Dimmers can be helpful.

Install dimmers on every lighting source that you have.  This helps control the light and mood of your room as well. This is an inexpensive way to make your space as bright or as dim as you want it.



Recessed or track lighting can create beauty.

Recessed lighting in your ceiling is a great way to add light to any space, including the living room.


Choose a beautiful central light source to help anchor the room.

While you do want to have several sources of lighting in your room, don’t exclude a central lighting source. Choose a beautiful chandelier or ceiling fixture to be the central lighting source.



Mix lighting for the perfect combination.

A combination of lighting will help create the perfect living room space. Use several at one time and don’t be afraid to do it!


Add lighting to highlight sculptures or favorite art pieces.

Be sure that the art pieces and sculptures that you want to show off are highlighted by lighting sources.


Warm white light bulbs should be the color of choice.

Choose a warm white light bulb as opposed to bright white. Again, the color of your paint will make all the difference in how well the lighting works in your living room.


Shelves are the perfect place for lighting.

Choose lighting for your shelves, too, so that you can highlight collector’s items. This is an inexpensive way to create the perfect living room space.



Choose lighting that works for you.

Lastly, be sure that the lighting that you choose works for you. Everyone has different tastes and style in lighting. Regardless of what others may say about your space, you are the one who needs to be pleased with it in the long run. For this reason, choose what YOU love.



Use the 15 lighting tips listed above to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your living room.  How many lighting sources will you choose to use?



Happy Designing!




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