I’m Christine an experienced New York City interior designer now inspiring London clients to add flare and style to their city homes.


I’m the most down to earth, adventurous and fun loving interior designer that you’ll ever meet!



I’m the only interior designer who works globally born in Aruba and raised in New York City now calling London home.  I specialise in timeless one-of-a-kind liveable luxury interiors infused with a bit of fun and colour!  I work in all stages of the interior design project from one room to an entire house, new builds, renovations, and updating of homes.  I systematically zone in on colour and design solution while providing stress free and enjoyable experience with great results.



I work with busy professional couples who knows what they want but lacks the time and resource to really get focus to create a design plan for their home and execute it.   



With my 15 step process I’ll ensure that I address all your needs, communicate with you throughout the process and manage your project  to a “T” through to installation.



I love discovering what makes each client unique and then interpreting that special awesomeness through design that let’s your personality shine.  Together we’ll create a truly singular space that boldly express your one-of-a-kind personality and translates your unique sensibility into a home that is truly yours!


Whether your aiming for a bold, confident and vibrant look, or relaxed, calming and understated environment, I have the talent, experience, and passion to create a space that you will love for years to come.


My approach to design is less bout rigid rules and colour schemes and more about translating your personal tastes and preferred lifestyle into a sophisticated oasis that is luxurious, yet liveable.  The result? A home that gives you that “I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-live-here” feeling every time you walk through the door.


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My website is a portfolio of my work, but you can also check out my work in a number of lifestyle and design magazine, including a feature in Elle Décor.



Getting to know me…



I was born in Aruba, moved to New York City at sixteen on my own (best decision ever), and now my adventurous heart brought me to London;


I’m an Explorer;


Jet-Setter (I live for traveling and exploring new places);


Lover of food and a good glass of wine;


A Polyglot – I speak 5 languages – English, Spanish, Papiamento, Chinese, and Dutch.  I might be adding French into the mix.


Married to a handsome Russian (My parents wanted me to marry a chinese, but of course I had to rebel and marry a Russian);


I’m a global citizen;


I love red lipstick;



I honed my art knowledge at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, one of the top galleries in London;



I love Carnival, Calypso and Latin music, animal prints and hot pink;



I believe good food and good design have one purpose: to nourish our soul and make us happy;



My recipe for design bliss: Comfort + Style + Color (lots of it!)  –  I call it timeless liveable luxury;



I spend an inordinate amount of time visiting client’s home, trade shows, museums (V & A Museum, and The National Portrait Gallery are my faves), and auction houses (Christie’s is a fave of mine).


Contact + Connect:


Send me an email: christine@christinetse.com to discuss your design dilemma, or to talk about food, travels, Aruba, my expat life in London, to invite me out for a cup of tea, or to hire me to translate your one-of-a-kind personality into a home that is truly yours.


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