My top 18 gift picks from Amara that your friends and family will remember you for!


I used to struggle a lot about gift giving especially for Christmas.  It takes time and effort to really sit down and think about what to get each of your dearest friend and family.


Even going to a Christmas dinner party at a friend’s is a challenge because sometimes you just don’t know what gift to bring.   She already has everything!


If you are struggling like I did, don’t worry because I’ve cut your gift search in half.


Here I have a list of 18 of my top gift picks from Amara that will make your life easier and be the best gift giver ever.


My Top 18 Gifts from Amara


  1. Plunge Pot for coffee 

2.  Gold wishbone wine bottle stopper

3. Semi precious agate pedra coasters

4. Blue tone ceramic earthenware with rustic finish and patterned detail

5. Neom luxurious organic sugar body scrub with notes of lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood

6. Aerin Tuberose Candle

7. Brass pineapple tumbler (my fave)

8. Grace Avenue silver ring holder by Kate Spade

9. Walnut wooden tray 

10. Neo baroque cocktail glass in aqua

11. Luxurious black croc playing cards edged in 24 ct gold

12.  Naughty/Nice, stylish, sleek and sexy red journal with faux crocodile skin texture

13. Gold rimmed martini glasses – do you like it shaken or stirred?

14. Soft lavender silk eye mask for a good night’s sleep

15. Julia gold neck wine decanter

16. A set of Pols Potten candle holder in brass and coloured glass in rich tones

17.  Tom Dixon copper expresso cups

18. Gold striped thermal mug by Kate Spade


Have fun Christmas shopping!






P.S. Stay tuned for my next post.  If you or a friend is  a fan of statement jewellery I have some great picks for you!

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