Christine was very professional and super lovely, so easy to work with and I loved everything she suggested. She gave us lots of ideas and options without making me confused or my mind cluttered. She also understood what we needed as a family and she got ‘my style,’ which was important to me as well.


Anastasia Christou, Melbourne, Australia


Colour and Paint Consultation


Colour can pull a room together.


The right shades can lighten and brighten a space…and your mood.


If you’re looking for the colour palette that makes for shiny, happy rooms (and inhabitants!),
this colour consultation is for you.


I help you find the right colour family for your space, suggest colour combinations

you might not have considered, and develop a colour plan you can apply to your walls,

fabrics, flooring, hard surfaces and or furniture.


I know the feeling when there are way too many options to choose from.  There are more than fifty shades of grey, a thousand and one white.…and you just want someone to be there and tell you which of the whites, greys, or colour combination will work best in your space.   It’s overwhelming and you don’t want to make a mistake in choosing the wrong colour for your home and then having to redo it again…



With me by your side you will have a trusted friend to help you choose a colour palette for your home that is tailored to your individual style that you will love forever!


Don’t make the tough decisions all on your own.




I will come to your space for up to 60 minutes with my paint deck and select the perfect shade of paint and colour palette for your space.


Together, you and I, during our colour consultation I will assess the space and light in your home and create a colour plan to reflect your own individual style!



I will discuss a range of options with you, whether you need a refresh or a complete transformation of your space.



10- 14  days after the visit, I will email your Paint and Colour Plan including:


 • 2  paint colour  selections for your walls


• trim colour, and ceiling colour selections


• all the details you need for ordering, like type and finish of paint for your room


• Your personal colour plan for your room


•all the details you need for pulling your room together in a cohesive plan with a moodboard showing you where to apply your colours








Why choose Christine Tse Interiors for your colour consultation?


* I am not here to sell you paint, I’m here to help you select the best colour for your home!


* I will share tailored design advice that is bespoke and uniquely yours!


* As your personal paint colour consultant I take into consideration the rest of your space to create a cohesive colour story throughout your home!


* I work with different paint brands to select the one that best fits your need, style and home!


* You will get a paint and colour plan with all the details you need for pulling your room together in a cohesive plan with a moodboard showing you where to apply your colours.


* You have access to my trusted decorator to help you decorate your space.



What’s next


Schedule a phone call to set up a meeting and to discuss your paint project and the challenges you are encountering by filling out this form with your name, address, and phone number and I will give you a call back within 24 hours or you can call me at 07734508336.