Working with Christine saved me a lot of legwork because finding the right items is half the trouble. She is friendly and personable. She has great style. She brought her New York sensibility and up-to-date style to my living room in Florida.


Heidi King, Tallahassee, Florida


Kitchen and Bath Renovation Consultation

Ah, the kitchen. Or the bathroom. Remodelling these spaces can increase your equity…and your inner peace.


So get shiny and happy with a cosmetic redesign of your kitchen or bath.


If you are:


Overwhelmed by wall tiles — there are just too many choices out there


Confused by countertops and you are not sure which one is the right choice


Baffled by floor tile or stain


Want a designer BFF right next to you to figure all this out, clear out the confusion
and give you a cohesive plan of action


If your goal is to use the existing kitchen/bath layout but to refresh it with new appliances, hardware, plumbing fixtures, updating counters, surfaces, colours and accessories, the Shiny Happy Kitchen/Bath service is for you.


Don’t make the tough decisions all on your own.


The  Kitchen and Bath renovation consultation will clear up your confusion, protect your investment and your inner peace!


During the 2-hour  Shiny Happy Renovation Consultation, I will:


• visits the space to check out the scope of work for your kitchen or bath.


• review inspiration images and ideas with you to lock in the perfect look.


• review the layout of your kitchen or bath


• take you on a shopping trip to my favourite tile, countertop, cabinetry showrooms


• we will select all the details together –tiles, countertops, cabinets, floor stain, right there on the spot!






To unlock the flow of advice, just send me an email to set up a free consultation!



By the end of the consultation you will have the right products and materials to take home with you and the confidence to tell your builder exactly what you need to create the look and feel that you want!


A Shiny Happy Kitchen and Bath