How to Decorate Like a Pro_Workshop

How to Decorate Like a Pro


Let me show you how to create a home that you always
love to come back to!


Learn my 3 insider secrets that will show you how to work with color, fabrics and more to create the home of your dreams, and have your friends swoon over your home!
Imagine for a second as soon as you walk into your home, you are greeted by the sweet smell of roses, you kick off your shoes, and walk over to your sofa to relax, and you just marvel to yourself how good it feels to be home!

Your home is exactly how you want it to be, comfortable and relaxing, with just the right touch of glam and color!
Everything flows from one room to another and your friends compliment you on your decorating skills.  They now want you to come over and help them redecorate their home!
You feel blissful, joyous, and at ease in your home!

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But instead...

You don’t have enough seating in you living room and it feels awkward

You are still living with hand me down furniture that are too big for your living room that you can’t wait to get rid of

You don’t exactly love the wall color in your living room

You are dying to make changes to your living room and create your dream home but you feel overwhelmed and just don’t know how and where to start.

You are struggling with...

  • Choosing a wall color for your living room because there are too many color options, and nothing seems to be quiet right
  • Mixing and matching patterns because you tend to be drawn to the same patterns all the time and you can't figure out how to find the right combination
  • Finding the right furniture placement to maximize your space because you have an awkward space with too many windows and door openings

You are not alone!

These are the 3 biggest issue that I’ve come across as an interior designer working with numerous clients one on one, and online.

And now I am going to to show you exactly how to solve these issues yourself!

This is exactly why I’ve created this webinar to empower and equip you with the knowledge and skills to avoid these common mistakes and design a space you love!

Whether you’ve just moved into your home 2 weeks ago or 3 years ago I will help you create a home that you always love to come back to!

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The magic is knowing what the 3 insider secrets are!

Who Am I and Why Am I Giving This Away For Free?


Hi, I am Christine Tse , a New York City and London based Interior Designer with more than 10 years of experience in designing beautiful homes for my clients and now I'm going to show you how to do it yourself!

I have seen too many people struggle with hating their homes. It hurts to watch a proud homeowner move into a house that they threw all their savings into... and 3 months later… hate every single corner… They realize their house just doesn't jive with them. It doesn't speak to them and their soul…

The house is theirs but their heart is not in it!

It is a terrible feeling and I am on mission to help you overcome it.

I like nothing better than the sweet proud smile that spreads across the face of a homeowner when they finally see that their house is where their heart is!

Here is what you will discover in this info-packed workshop:
I will share with you:
  • My No-Fail System in choosing colors with confidence
  • The one rule you need to know when arranging your furniture
  • My easy 3 step formula for mixing and matching fabrics
  • The secret sauce to decorating your home that you always love to come back to
  • The 3 mistakes that you don't even know that you are making that is costing you $$$


How to Decorate Like a Pro -
3 insider secrets that will show you how to work with color, fabrics, and more
You'll learn how to:

You know what the best part is?
  • You will save money because you won’t be making any of the biggest decorating mistakes
  • You will not be making unnecessary purchases for your home
  • You will be able to invite your friends and family over to ooh and aah over how beautiful your home looks
  • You will walk away with a design blueprint that you can implement right away after the workshop


How to Decorate Like a Pro -
3 insider secrets that will show you how to work with color, fabrics, and more
Don't miss out! This is your chance to get my insider tips for free. Invite your friends to join us so she won't feel left out!
The live online workshop will take place Monday, February 29 at 2pm EST. If you can't make it live, don’t worry I will have a recording so make sure you reserve your spot to receive the recording of the workshop.


How to Decorate Like a Pro -
3 insider secrets that will show you how to work with color, fabrics, and more

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