My favorite things: 50 Unique gift ideas for the Holiday – Part 1 (Oprah’s favorite things got nothing on this list)

gifting idea part 1



Hey welcome to my first annual Christine’s Christmas and Holiday gift gifting idea!  I’m super excited to show you my favorite picks!


I have personally hand picked all these items that I think will make an unusual gift for that special person in your life, because they are not your usual gift that everyone is getting!


These gifts will show that you have put some thoughts into choosing that perfect gift for that special person.


As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post – Christmas and Holiday Gifting Ideas for the Design Addict – I do have a knack for choosing unique presents for my friends and family, and I think you will love them too!


Hope this guide will make it easier for you to shop for you loved ones!


My favorite things:  50 Unique gift ideas for the Holiday – Part 1


  1.  Magical Thinking Dalvik Chime
  2.  Sanremo Lomo’Instant Set + Film
  3. 4040 Locust Geo Wire Mirror
  4. Jetsetter Convertible Backpack
  5. Candles & Scents – Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle
  6. Modern Carrara Marble Serving Tray
  7. St. Jude Brass Word Object – XOXO
  8. Gold Leaf Design Group BR806-8 Flared Bowl
  9. 9-16La Perla Necklace
  10. Quilt Big Cata Blue Full/Queen
  11. Franklin tobacco 45
  12. Franklin tobacco 45back
  13. Hermit Rustic Nesting Bowls
  14. Society Gold Cocktail Shaker
  15. Vanessa Bowls
  16. Holloway Tray
  17. 17-24Paper to Petal
  18. Envelope Clutch
  19. Jasper Wallet Stingray
  20. Home / Lex&Liv Footwear
  21. Cielo sm Lightpink
  22. Equinox Stud Earrings
  23. The Getaway Passport Holder
  24. Cielo sm Rosa25-32
  25. Decanter Tag Set
  26. Raffia Pineapple Box
  27. Graphic Cord Keeper Set
  28. Chic Happens Catch All
  29. Pineapple Shot Glasses
  30. Good Ideas Notebook Set
  31. Small Ceramic Jewelry Holder
  32. The Secret Garden33-41
  33. Round Match Striker
  34. Plum & Bow Batik Decorative Letter
  35. Vintage Kantha Quilt
  36. Luxury Monograms – Ladies Pajama Set
  37. Mayan Mask
  38. Threshold™ Desktop Globe w/ Gold Base
  39. Gold Plated Agate Coasters
  40. Black and Gold Striped Vase-Sm
  41. Azoura Hand Painted Drinkware42-50
  42. BDB Eyelash Jewelry Dish Set
  43. Woven Geo Baskets
  44. Hanging Metal Planter
  45. Marble Cleat Boxes
  46. Mohawk Match Strike
  47. Thompson Ferrier Buddha Candle
  48. Patterned Blanket
  49. Ring To It + Bike Bell
  50. St. Jude Brass Love Object


Which gifts are you getting your loved ones?  I would love to know, please tell me at the comment section!


Happy Shopping!




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