I really like that Christine was willing to work in an open, nontraditional way with her clients and cater to a range of needs and budgets. I think there are a lot of people who appreciate good design and beautiful spaces, and would like some professional guidance, but want to remain in control of and be actively involved in the process.


Jennifer Fuller, New York


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One Day Design and Styling Consultation


An expert designer can transform a cluttered, clumsy room into an elegant, cohesive space. All it takes is a little perspective — and it won’t drain your energy reserves (or bank account).


For clients who need an energetic jump-start to their interior design adventure, the one day design consultation is perfect for you.


I will join you for a day of styling and design planning. I’ll provide immediate, thoughtful recommendations tailored to suit your personal style. After our meeting, I will email you specific instructions for effective space planning, a furniture & accessory shopping list, colour palette guidance, a set of style principles, and a refreshed attitude towards your home.


It’s painless, productive — and pretty darn fun!


To unlock the flow of advice, just send me an email.




The one day design and styling consultation is right for you if you:


• have some pieces at home but you are not sure how to make your space cozy  and comfortable

• are at a loss on how to combine colour, pattern and texture

• want to create a WARM and INVITING atmosphere

• want to create a home that is uplifting and inspiring that reflects who you are

• want to have FUN styling your home

• are on a limited budget and want an expert interior designer from New York City to help you with your interior design adventure

• are up levelling and tired of seeing the same old Ikea furniture in your home





How does the One Day Design and Styling Consultation works:


What you will get:

I will give you a design roadmap complete with layout, mood boardshopping list, curated sample box and a 60 minute Skype presentation to go over your design.  Then you make it happen at your own time and at your own pace!



I will come to your home for 2 hours and:

 • create the perfect furniture placement plan for 1 room

 • identify your design style using my Design Style Blue Print

 • determine artwork placement

 • nail down paint colours

 • figure out window treatments

 • decide which furniture pieces to reuse or replace

 • make a list of specific furnishings needed for your design

 • discuss what your main focus should be


Afterwards back at the office, I will shop for every piece on your list virtually and create your perfect home that is fun, cozy, inviting  and reflects who you are.


Your curated sample box will include:


• Fabrics, flooring, wallpaper, paint samples, and other hard finishes


Your Shopping List will include:


• A detailed shopping list and resources both local and online and exact links to specific pieces from specific stores, taking out the guesswork for you!

• itemised furnishings that will fit within your budget!

• a custom mood board so you can visualise the transformation, each piece is selected to fit your space



60 Minute Skype Presentation (14-21 days after your consultation)

During your 60-minute Skype presentation, I will:

• reveal your curated shopping list and custom mood board

• source optional items for select pieces if necessary

• answer any questions that you may have about the presentation

• a step by step guide on how to pull all the elements of the presentation together using your personalised plan



Et Voila!


Your personalised design plan, shopping list,  mood board, curated sample box are all at your finger tips and yours to keep.


You can click and buy on your own time and at your own pace to bring the design to life!


You have unlimited email communication for two weeks after you received your personalised plan and sample box.




To unlock the flow of advice, and to get started just send me an email.




If you need an energetic jump-start to your interior design adventure, the one day design and styling consultation is perfect for you.