2018 Autumn/Fall One Room Challenge Week 2 – Decisions, Decisions!!!


What is happening in week 2?  Decisions Decisions!!


Decisions need to be made this week for the wallpaper, and the fabric for my roman shade!


Need to decide on bed linens.  Not sure if I want to go with linen or cotton.  I do like the  crumpled look of linen  it  will give the bedroom a more relaxed feeling.  And I don’t have to fret about wrinkled sheets!


                      Image source: Secret Linen


I’ve decided not to get a headboard, and use lots of pillows instead..I want this room to be a room that you can just come in and chill and not have to worry about messing up the well placed pillows and cushions..


This is the wallpaper that I’m going with

Grey Speckle Pattern Wallpapre from Livette’s wallpaper


Need to decide on the fabric for the roman shade…window treatment are so important to add that extra layer in the space…at the moment I only have a dark chocolate black out shade up.



I can’t decide – I’m in love with Christopher Farr’s  Belfour Chocolate  fabric and Designers Guild  Lauziere fabric, both fabric are so different and will give the room such different vibe.



Christopher Farr’s fabric will give the room more of an eclectic and preppy feeling.



I need to decide on the colour of the trim..I like both the orange and the pink!!!

Which one should I choose???



Whereas the Designers Guild’s one will give the room a more airy and Caribbean feeling.



And the Banari Zanzibar  trim that I think I will be using for the roman shade..it definitely adds a bit of carnival vibe in the space.  Or maybe an orange trim will look great too!



Aside from thinking about the fabric for the shade there is another decision that needs to be made..do I want the roman shade to be a functional or non functional?


Since I already have a blackout shade..I’m leaning more towards non-functional and  save some money on the fabric that I can use towards the painting!


The non functional roman shade  will give the illusion of being a functional Roman shade, but it is actually for decorative purposes only.


So I’m still looking for the perfect painting, rug, and chair for my desk!!


I was in Paris over the weekend to celebrate my birthday and to look for a vintage woman’s portrait but didn’t see any that I like.



A friend pointed me toward a gallery here in London – Panter and Hall’s Cecil court gallery – I think I will have a look there before the end of this week!   If you know of any other place, antiques or flea market that I should visit to look for the painting please feel free to let me know in the comment below.


That is it for this week..stay tuned for Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!


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