Holiday House London 2017…was a bit MEHHH

Holiday House london 2017

For the past couple of days I was feeling uninspired and in a bit of a rut.


So I decided to go to Holiday House London to get inspired and to get out of the creative rut that I’m experiencing at the moment.


I have to say it was a bit mehhh…I was not inspired at all.


I left the same way I went in!  Uninspired!


Now don’t get me wrong!


The designs of each room were beautiful!  The finishes, the thought behind each design,the colours, and the textures!


Designed by Fiona Barratt – I’m loving the wall sculpture. 


But I just felt that the designer’s were holding back! I really wanted to see them go all out and maybe just slightly out of their comfort zone!


I get that each designer have their own unique design and look but sometimes I just want to see something more.


I didn’t see anything unusual or something that I haven’t seen before.



Designed by Bismut and Bismut –  I really like the design of this space it was unusual and loving that curved console definitely added to the uniqueness of the space


I’ve been to many show houses and I get that this is the first one in London, but to me a show house is to show your expertise, your creativity and out of the box thinking!


All the designers that took part in the Holiday House London are the best in London, and it just felt short! 


And many of them I look to for inspiration!

I really like how this interior designer treated the wall and I love the colour combination  with the deep red colour.  I think this room is pretty caliente!   (if you know the interior designer do let me know to credit the design properly, as my phone ran out of battery)


As an interior designer I always look into well established interior designers for inspiration and ideas or for that something that makes me go….ohhh…that is something that I haven’t seen before…and I just didn’t get that from the Holiday House London 2017!


Having said that, I hope that Holiday House will come back stronger and better in 2018!!



Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!

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